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Dog Training


Dog Training


Provided by Ben Randall – Dog Psychologist

Ben is a self taught dog psychologist and has studied wolf pack behaviour for over 30 years.   Ben has adapted his training methods on his experiences throughout his time of breeding and running on litter siblings and studying how they react to each other and their mother. This has been an incredible insight for Ben’s training and something that makes his methods very unique. Ben teaches clients firstly to understand their dog, then teaches his client how to become a pack leader.

Using his psychology approach Ben teaches clients from across the UK and worldwide.

Ben is a Kennel Club ‘A Panel’ Judge and has previously won ‘Trainer of the Year’ as well as becoming the double British Cocker Championship winner (first time this has been achieved in over 40 years).

Whilst Ben’s one-to-one classes are the most popular offering, he also provides both small and large group classes that can be taught on site or at clients own location.

Years Training Experience

When only the BEST is good enough . . .

Ben is proud to have trained the dogs of many high profile personalities and world famous celebrities


Ledubry Lodge Kennels

We strive to run a world-class dog boarding kennel that has been built around ensuring all guests have a fulfilling, safe and secure stay as part of the Randall family.

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